Humanitas Global Logistics has committed to reliable delivery of the most advanced and creative healthcare technologies.

We are a global company. We have a strong network of connections in Asia, as well as sourcing our on-demand products from worldwide markets. Our customers have come to expect excellence, and, in turn, we will only work with the world’s leading logistics partners.  Humanitas Global Logistics can expedite your delivery when you need it, where you need it, using our extensive networks and distribution channels.

Our Mission

We continually work to strive harder to source the best products, most efficiently and with exceptional customer service. Through our digital resources and our in-country ambassadors, we provide the best support for all our clients’ needs.

At Humanitas Global Logistics reputation matters. We have worked hard to develop exceptional relationships with our distributors, forming alliances with the best vendors in the world. We believe relationships are at the heart of outstanding service and provides valuable opportunities in the full goods and services spectrum.

Our goal at Humanitas Global Logistics is to seek the most innovative and trusted healthcare products for the benefit of humanity. We believe we enhance the quality of life for people in all countries by aiding rehabilitation from injury and illness. We want people to feel optimistic; to feel the hope that recovery will be speedy, and the future will be positive.

Humanitas Global Logistics offers the full range of medical equipment, including electronic medical equipment and durable medical devices. Whether you are a private customer or a professional medical facility, we have a product that can support you with your problem. Indeed, our mission is to provide medical supplies to the parts of the globe that are often left behind in a crisis.

Who We Are?

Humanitas Global Logistics seeks to move beyond traditional models of medical distribution, fulfilment, verification, quality control, logistics, merchandising and marketing. We believe that an end-to-end solution can be delivered with flexibility and energy. This is what defines our character at Humanitas Global Logistics; it is at the core of our reputation.

We distribute the best-known global brands to governments, NGOs, hospitals, trusts, companies, and other related organisations around the world. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence when sourcing products and serving our customers. We are well respected. We are trusted

Why Humanitas

If you choose Humanitas Global Logistics, every client is treated the same. There will be no hiking of prices and no missed delivery date.

Every customer is working to keep people safe and no customer is more important than another. Once we agree a price and delivery date this is a promise we will keep.

We understand how critical these supplies are and that not having them available when needed puts people at risk

We understand that the current world market is challenging. As healthcare costs rise and prices become increasingly competitive, many smaller healthcare companies are struggling to maintain their market position. Having stores of resources in place can be a challenge.

By working closely with smaller buyers and consolidating their demand, we are able to offer supplies at a price that they wouldn’t be able to access individually. This allows smaller companies to sustain and develop their business without having to worry about the security of their supply.

Humanitas has a special place in the global market. We have a capital in place to react quickly to changes in demand. We enable to transfer of goods from one region to another based on demand and confidence.

Corporate Responsibility

Our dedication to the best business practices goes well beyond our commitment to excellent service rates, reasonable pricing and the expectation that every customer is treated with respect. We are committed to doing more.

During the current epidemic, we will deliver one million tests to the countries most in need. We will deploy our experts to these countries to help increase their understanding of the virus and so develop better policies to help with COVID-19 cases. Our neighbourhood action groups and our ‘exchange of disease awareness’ message boards will offer the latest, most accurate and most relevant information available. We are part of the solution.

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We are committed to doing more.  We are part of the solution.

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