It is recommended to exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday to keep yourself healthy. With the second lockdown closing all gyms, leisure centres and sporting activities it may leave you feeling overwhelmed regarding how to make sure you’re keeping yourself active. With the return of indoor living, our once on-the-go lifestyles now feel like a distant memory. Although exercise is recommended to stay fit it also has other benefits such as keeping on top of your mental health, aiding memory and brain function and improving your quality of sleep to name a few. But if we can’t get out and about, how do we still reap the benefits of exercise? We’ve put together a little list of activities that will ensure you get your 30 minutes a day!


Online fitness classes/DVD’s 

We’ve all bought a fitness DVD or workout app that’s been a little neglected since the day we purchased it. Well lockdown is it’s shining moment, put it on the TV or load the app up on your phone and do your thing! Apps or DVD’s where the instructor is talking are great for making you feel like you’re back in your favourite class. They offer motivation and help to relieve any stress by being an encouraging virtual support. So why not try it out?!


Don’t want anything too vigorous? Try out yoga or pilates 

This is where the wonderful world of YouTube enters. Never done yoga or pilates before? No need to panic, simply type in yoga or pilates for beginners and follow along to one of the videos. You can tailor your classes to areas that you want to focus on, for example mobility, back pain, anxiety etc. They are great for building strength, improving balance and simply connecting the mind to the body through breathing. Feeling stressed? Tension in the body? Give this a try.


Cardio lover at heart?

Don’t forget that you can still leave your house for exercise as long as you socially distance and are not self isolating. So get your walking or running shoes on and get a nice deep breath of fresh air whilst getting your 30 minutes of feel good exercise in. Remember to stretch before hand! Aim to avoid busy periods if exercising outside and make sure you remain two meters away from others to practice social distancing.

Don’t forget you can keep fit without the aim of ‘working out’

Working out without actually working out – heavenly! You most likely do this all the time simply by carrying out your routine daily chores around the house. Simple activities such as hoovering, mopping, cleaning windows and gardening are all great ways to stay active! Want to take it slightly further? Incorporate extra movements such as squats or lunges!


Let us know if you found any of these tips helpful at! During lockdown especially, it’s important to practise self care and put your mental health first, so whether you do 30 mins of exercise or treat yourself to a pamper evening, make sure you enjoy it!