As we’ve all heard the 5th November calls for, no not bonfire night, but a second national lockdown. Enter another month of indoor living to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and save lives. The jump from the tier 1, 2 and 3 system to lockdown may appear quite confusing and leaves room to question what we actually can and can’t do. What if you can’t work from home? Can children still go to school? Is there a travel ban? Well today’s blog is all about bringing you clarity on the matter, read on for the latest restrictions during lockdown.


When can I leave my home?

You are able to leave your home for specific reasons such as if you are unable to work from home, education, if you have medical reasons or have a medical appointment to attend, to shop for essentials, to look after people who may be vulnerable or visit individuals in your support bubble. 



Can I mix with another household?

Mixing of different households is not allowed inside homes unless you are receiving support such as childcare. Mixing of households outside is also not allowed except if you’re exercising or going to an outdoor public place, then you may meet with one other person if you are on your own.


Which venues are closing?

All nonessential shops are to close but deliveries and click and collect purchases may still continue. Food shops and garden centres can still remain open however they must follow the Covid-19 guidelines as well as childcare and support groups (max of 15 in person participants). All pubs, bars and restaurants must also close too, however they may still offer takeaway and delivery options – this excludes alcohol. Hotels and hostels can only remain open for those who may be travelling for work and special conditions. Workplaces where people are unable to work from home may also remain open and operate as well as educational facilities such as schools, colleges and universities. Vets can also still remain open. 


What about travel? 

It comes as no surprise that international travel is banned, however you are still allowed to travel internationally for work. Nationally, all non-essential travel whether using public or private means should be avoided. Again as expected, overnight stays and holidays within the UK (and abroad) are also not allowed and should be avoided. This also includes stays at second homes, however if you have children but are separated from your partner then children may travel between homes. You may stay away from home for work. Students may return home for Christmas at the end of the Christmas term, but should not travel between home and term time accommodations throughout the term.


What about weddings/civil partnerships, funerals and places of worship?

Unfortunately weddings and civil partnerships will not be allowed unless it is an exceptional circumstance, but funerals may continue with a max of 30 people. Places of worship cannot hold services, but private prayer is allowed.


For further information about restrictions during lockdown please visit: 


We hope this has provided some clarity on the soon approaching lockdown. How are you feeling? Feel free to share your thoughts on the lockdown with us at Please keep on continuing to wear a mask, wash your hands and social distance – let’s keep fighting Covid-19 together!