A car. The relied upon tool that gets us from A to B, makes long distance manageable and gives us the freedom to go anywhere at any time. But as the UK witnessed travel bans and the rise of indoor living, cars of the nation were simply kept parked. Indicators no longer ticked at traffic lights, windscreen wipers no longer swished and swooshed and headlights remained a dark shade of a tired and saddened yellow. But we question the impact that Covid-19 has had on the automotive industry. With the increase in individuals looking for work, it’s understandable that people have had to make cut backs to keep their head above water this year – but did we sacrifice our cars that were once so filled with life?


The short answer to this question is: no. Of course, some areas in the automotive industry may have seen a dip in sales etc, but, what is interesting to note is the surge in electric cars.  Statista recently published an infographic with data recorded by SMMT to investigate UK demand for electric cars despite the Covid crisis. 


According to the infographic we can see that in September 2020 ‘Battery Electric Vehicles’ were up by a staggering 184.3% followed by ‘Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles’ up by 138.6%  and finally ‘Hybrid Electric Vehicles’ up by, again, a substantial 55.8%. Rather interestingly, Petrol fuelled cars were down 20.9% and Diesel fuelled cars down a big 38.4%. Perhaps the highly damaging impact of petrol and diesel cars on the environment is what spurred the swift change to electric based cars. 


SMMT discovered that all car types were down 4.4%, a very potential Covid-19 consequence. Statista quote the Chief Executive of SMMT, Mike Hawes, regarding the latest car registration figures who stated “During a torrid year, the automotive industry has demonstrated incredible resilience, but this is not a recovery…Unless the pandemic is controlled and economy-wide consumer and business confidence rebuilt, the short-term future looks very challenging indeed.”


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