Many conspiracy theories have detracted from the seriousness of Covid-19. ‘Plandemic’, ‘scamdemic’ and every other ‘play on word’ you can think of in between. Protests have been held in the name of a ‘plandemic’ accompanied by the refusal to wear masks and a lack of social distancing. For members of the public who fear the Covid-19 situation, such protests appear rather misinformed and upsetting to those required to shield and stay at home, or,  businesses that have had to close to protect civilizations. But what fueled such ideologies and what do people really believe the Covid-19 pandemic is?


Cornell University investigated many claims regarding Covid’s supposed ulterior motives. Researchers conducting the study looked into 38 million articles published in English regarding coronavirus from the start of January to just before the end of May. They found  that 1.1 million articles contained misinformation and 46% revolved around conspiracies. Researchers then ranked them based on popularity which Statistica then published. Results from the study contained some intriguing answers ranging from ‘miracle cures’ to ‘bat soup’. 


The most common theory that was published was ‘Miracle Cures’ at 26.4%. This includes cures that people think could potentially help fight Covid, such as the infamous disinfectant scandal which should NOT be tried. Runner up to ‘Miracle Cures’ was ‘New World Order/ Deep State’. The suggestive category of political dominance, power craze and totalitarian governing gained traction in the newspapers of 4.4%, alluding to the pandemic being a backdoor to controlling populations and implementing new ruling systems. Thirdly was the ‘Democratic party hoax’, which was again potentially made up to suit political agendas at 3.6%. 


Other areas of conspiracy consisted of:  


  • Wuhan lab/ bioweapon: 2.6%
  • Bill Gates: 2.5% 
  • 5G: 2.1%
  • Antisemitic conspiracies: 1.6%
  • Population Control: 1.3%


On the other hand, conspiracies that did not gain as much air time and appeared less popular consisted of ideologies based around ‘Dr. Anthony Fauci’ at 1%, a ‘plademic’ presumably implemented by hierarchical authoritatives at 0.7% and ‘Bat Soup’ at 0.6%. 


No doubt talk of Covid-19 will stir thoughts regarding the endless possibilities that could be occurring behind the scenes. But, what is important to remember is that these are simply just conspiracy theories.


We are fighting a very REAL pandemic that is sadly taking many lives right in front of our eyes, and that is no conspiracy. To deny Covid-19 is to deny the tragedies that have been recorded, the tiresome efforts of our frontliners and the families that have been left brokenhearted. So please do remember, they are just conspiracies – wash your hands, wear your masks and gloves and continue to social distance to stop rising cases. Together we can do this.


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PLEASE NOTE:If you think you have symptoms of coronavirus and need medical advice, use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service” – NHS Website.