On a scary note, I’m sure you’ve all heard the words ‘temperature rising’, ‘global warming’, ‘rising sea levels’, ‘greenhouse effect’ and so on. Climate change is a serious issue that needs serious attention. With governments evaluating their response towards emission reduction, the Covid-19 pandemic came in, centre stage, and turned the focus on itself. Whilst governments have been tirelessly figuring out the best approach to squash the Coronavirus, improving the environment ended up taking a backseat on the priority list…or did it?


Statistica published data by Le Quéré, C, et al who explored how C02 emissions changed in each sector during lockdown. The results were pretty interesting.

As expected the sector that witnessed the biggest reduction was aviation which had a staggering 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Next up was surface transport which had a 36% decrease. With the travel bans that were put in place throughout the lockdown these areas took the crown for the biggest reductions. Public C02 emissions saw a reduction of 21% with industry emissions closely following at 19%. Finally, the power sector had the smallest change with only a 7.4% reduction in its C02 levels. 


Globally, C02 emissions fell by 17% suggesting that the stay at home lifestyle was one that was having a rather positive effect on the planet. However, indoor living meant that residential carbon emissions actually increased by 2.8%. 

To further the seriousness of the climate change battle, 28,029 respondents were asked by Ipsos MORI ‘In the long term, climate change is as serious a crisis as COVID-19?’. Statistica then published the results displaying that 87% of China, 84% of Mexico and 81% of India ‘strongly agree/ tend to agree’ with this statement. On the other hand, a significant 59% of the United States, 59% of Australia and 64% of Canada felt that they ‘tend to disagree/ strongly disagree’ with the statement. 


What do you make of the reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions during lockdown? Does this call for us to be more cautious and keep the reduction going? Let us know by dropping us an email at marketing@hglmedical.com and sharing your thoughts!