Covid-19 has done some serious damage to many industries. Damage that will only take time to heal. Many people have faced redundancy due to cutbacks, reduced hours or pay cuts, the furlough scheme etc – 2020 hit us hard. From hospitality to education, they’ve all witnessed some form of change to readjust to a safer way of living. But which industries saw the biggest unemployment rate?


The Bureau of Labour Statistics in the US recorded data on this matter to determine those industries’ worst hit, results were published on Statistica. Due to the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, results were unfortunately somewhat expected.



The leisure and hospitality industry are the most affected with an unemployment rate of 28% in the US. With travel bans, mandatory closure of hotels, bars and restaurants, especially in the UK, this was bound to leave a mark. With the industry slowly starting to reopen, could rising concerns and fears over the second wave limit this regrowth? Again, in the UK we have seen a curfew on all restaurants and bars to shut at 10pm and tighter rules of mask wearing. The second highest unemployment score in the US goes to the mining and oil industry at an unemployment rate of 17.8% (check out our blog on the impacts of coronavirus on climate change if you didn’t expect this statistic). Finally, the third highest unemployment rate goes to transportation at 12.9% in the US. Again, with travel bans and the aim of social distancing, public travel saw a decline in users.


Areas that were also greatly affected by unemployment were:

  • Information: 12%
  • Wholesale and retail: 11.2%
  • Construction: 10.1%
  • Manufacturing: 9.1%
  • Education & Health: 8.6%


However, according to more data by The Bureau of Labour Statistics that has been published on Statistica, young workers have been hit hard. Individuals with ‘No high school diploma’ reached a -25.8% unemployment rate in June, followed by individuals in the age category of 16-24 with an unemployment rate of 20.6%.


What are your views on Covid-19 and unemployment? 2020 has been a very tough year, what changes have you noticed with regards to your employment – has your work situation been dealt with well? As always, do let us know at – we love to hear your thoughts so please keep on sending them in!