I’m sure deep down we all miss the hustle and bustle of the office, all the work gossip and just having a routine of getting up and going to work in the morning. We sleep in a little later, wear comfy clothes and embrace our caffeine addiction because no one is there to judge how many cups we’ve had. But c’mon we all know working from home has some major perks such as saving money on travel or even getting to spend time with our families. But during our typical 9-5’s, has our media use increased while we work?


A study on Statistica by Neilson looked at the ‘Most popular media activities among adults working from home in the United States as of June 2020’. 1000 people took part in the study to give a generic overview of working from home life due to Covid-19. The results were rather interesting and, in a way, somewhat expected.


The most popular media usage was listening to music on the radio or using streaming services which 40% of individuals stated they did everyday. Many offices have the radio on in the background so this is a pretty standard finding, who doesn’t love good tunes on in the background! Next up was watching TV or streaming content during a work break at 33% agreement which again is a pretty expected form of chilling during lunch. And finally everyday 31% of respondents spent time on social media during working hours. We all know the temptation is there to check Instagram etc throughout the day – who else has noticed their screen time has increased?! However, whether this particular statistic factors into account people who work off their phone, especially on social media, is unknown. 


Media related activities that individuals were likely to do at least once a week were purchasing goods and services online at 48%, listening to music at 35% and finally spending time on social media at 32%. Online shopping is quite a high figure but again expected, in between waiting for people to reply etc why not start your weekly food order (or PPE order from Humanitas!). 


Key media channels that people avoided or simply didn’t feel the need to use whilst working from home were watching TV and streaming content but with the sound off at a big 50%, closely followed by listening to spoken word content such as podcasts or the radio at 47%, and thirdly, watching TV and streaming content with sound on this time at 44%. Perhaps the most distracting of the categories listed, it can be hard to turn away from a good programme or in depth podcast, perhaps it’s safer to avoid!


Can you relate to using any of these media activities whilst you’re working from home? What’s your guilty pleasure whilst you work from home – binge watching a tv show? Online shopping? Let us know by emailing us at marketing@hglmedical.com. Also tell us how you’re finding the new working from home routine, it’s a big adjustment and has taken some getting used to – are there more pros or cons for the remote working lifestyle?