The explosion of social media over the last decade has been phenomenal. The ever expanding number of users for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (the list goes on) has made the social media platform one of the main go to’s for news on demand and on the go. But, at some point, we’ve all questioned the validity of some of the ‘news’ we’ve read or heard on social media – finding ourselves doing a quick google search to see if it’s true or asking friends and family for their opinion. But which social channels do we trust more than others? Are there platforms that we completely distrust and ones where our loyalty is unmatched? The scandalous rumours (some proven too) have shaken our passive scrolling natures causing users to be more active when exposed to news.


But how much have users trusted the coverage of Coronavirus on social media? A survey by Populus, published by Ofcom, delved into this discovering which social media outlets we are most likely to trust and which ones we take with a pinch of salt. The survey was answered by 2,120 individuals aged 16+ in August 2020. 


The 3 most trusted social medias were interestingly Apple iMessage at 55%, Facebook Messenger, Youtube and WhatsApp joint 2nd at 37% and finally WhatsApp group(s) third at 36%. Potentially this is because these platforms rely on conversation rather than posting, individuals will be conversing with people they most likely know, hence higher trust levels. However, the top three platforms that audiences appear to doubt are Facebook and Snapchat joint first with 45% of individuals distrusting both socials, then Instagram at 29%, and thirdly Twitter which was distrusted by 28% of users. Instagram had the biggest ‘neutral’ response with 53% of respondents not knowing whether to trust or distrust the information on the sharing platform regarding Coronavirus. This was closely followed by twitter at 49% and Facebook Messenger at 46%. 


Which platform have you been turning to for information about Covid-19? Do you find it a trustworthy channel of information? Drop us an email at and let us know your thoughts!