Quite frankly, Covid19 put a halt to the world of entertainment. Our must ‘stay at home’ lifestyle was matched with the pausing of ongoing TV soaps (we can all name one that we know and secretly love), theatrical performances/cinema (or even the filming process in general) almost becoming myth and legend, and sporting fixtures virtually extinct. But is the awakening of these industries, specifically sports, what we’re ready for? Of course, for avid sporting fans the return of their favourite athletic ventures is just what the soul has been needing, but do we think it’s return is risky business? Not just for audiences like you and me, but our prized athletes also?


The 17th June 2020 witnessed the return of sports. YovGov further investigated this return, distributing a survey to 2,067 individuals aged 18+ to identify their views on the matter.  With decisions on how often players should be tested and the exclusion of live audiences, the face of sport is starting to look slightly different to what we’re used to. The return of football polarised respondents with 48% stating that the 17th June was ‘Too Soon’ for the premier league’s return and only 26% stating that it was ‘About the Right Time’. 23% of respondents informed that they ‘don’t know’ whether it was too soon for football to return and only a miniscule 2% of the surveyed felt that the return of football was actually ‘too late’. 



Survey respondents were also asked about their opinions on the level of risk the athletes faced in the sporting fixtures that were resuming. Participants were asked to imagine if suspended sports returned, would Coronavirus present a higher or lower threat to athletes, or would present the same amount of threat. 


43% of individuals felt that the resumption of sport would present the same amount of risk to athletes, it would neither increase or decrease their chances of contracting Coronavirus. Whereas, 33% of respondents did feel that there was a higher amount of risk for athletes resuming in sports compared to just 10% of the surveyed who felt there was a lower amount of risk to athletes. It is important to note that in the category that states ‘the same risk to athletes’, 57% of these individuals stated that sport was one of their top interests. 


Where do you stand, was the return of sport too soon or right on time? If sport was suspended again, what impact do you think this could have? As always we love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to send them into marketing@hglmedical.com.