Lockdown made the term ‘retail therapy’ redundant, window shopping was no longer a go to and the days of physically trying clothes/shoes on feels like what seems an age ago. We were still purchasing, but online. The pandemic dictated the online realms of where to buy or access supermarket goods, clothes, financial services, takeaway/restaurant food and drink etc. But just how much did the pandemic affect our buying habits? 

Statistica completed a survey to see how individuals’ purchasing habits had been affected by Covid-19 as of May 31st. Over 50% of respondents stated that they had been swayed to purchasing online for fears of the outside world. A combined 2,137 participants answered the survey from Germany, the UK and USA and were given the option to select multiple categories. 

The category that scored the highest on average by all three participating countries was ‘clothing’, with around a quarter of individuals in each country stating that this was a buying habit that had been affected. Germany came in at 25%, the UK at 24% and finally the USA at 26%. The food and drink category, specifically from supermarkets, scored rather highly also in the UK at 30% and the USA at 24%, but only 10% in Germany. 

Restaurant delivery and takeaway was another category with notably higher percentages with many individuals potentially worried about the health risks of collecting food and finding delivery safer. 16% of Individuals in Germany, 19% of individuals in the UK and a leading 31% of individuals in the USA selected this category as having a shift to online. Interestingly, buying hygiene products such as sanitiser or toilet paper online scored quite highly also with 13% of Germans, 21% of Britons and 27% of Americans seeing it as the better option during the pandemic.


The categories that appeared unaffected by Covid19 that did not  have a dramatic shift to being purchased online were financial products and services which only had a percentage range from 4-6% across all three countries. Music and video purchases only saw 7-11% change to online, also across all three countries. 

However on the other hand, the category to actually score the highest percentage for all three countries was ‘I have not shifted from offline to online purchases for any products or services’ which scored a higher percentage of 47% in Germany, 35% in the UK and 29% in the USA. 

So, did you notice your purchasing habits change from offline to online? If you did notice a change, was it easier or more stressful purchasing online rather than in store? Drop us an email at marketing@hglmedical.com and let us know your thoughts!