• There is a supply of somewhere between 300 and 330 billion pieces.
  • Demand has shot up somewhere between 20% and 100% – to note, demand jumped up 24% during the last COVID pandemic in 2003.
  • There are a range of figures that have been in the media for a shortage – this ranges from my own conservative figure of around 30 billion pieces to the inconceivably figure of 611 billon.
  • Reportedly, in 2020 the demand for gloves has increased so quickly that even the box printers are struggling to keep up with the demand.
    Some of this demand, thus shortage, is coming from panic buying and hoarding.

  • Most glove factories run between 75% and 80% of total capacity depending on demand, this figure can go as high as 95% but cannot be sustained. Current actual production levels are around 80-90% due to the high demand.
  • Global inventory levels have also fallen drastically to less than 10 billion pieces (equivalent to 10 days of stockpile) from 60 days previously.
  • Productive capacity is expected to grow around 10% least until 2025
  • Analysts predict that there will be an estimated increase in demand of 40 to 63 billion pieces by China by 2022 if per capita consumption reaches to around 50 per capita. At the moment per demand consumption is around 4 pieces per capita