Healthcare Frontliners: Our superheroes on their personal concerns

The individuals on our frontlines protecting us every single day could never be commended enough. ‘Not all heroes wear capes’ is very fitting here. When one thinks of the characteristics of a superhero you cannot help but be drawn to the thoughts of  strength, courage, wisdom and kindness. An undying need to keep on helping – much like our healthcare workers. But who protects the superhero? Especially when the risks and endurances of their task could be of great personal cost. Superheroes still get anxious, feel afraid and have their own worries about their mission, YouGov in April 2020 helped to put these feelings into perspective.

Healthcare workers were asked:

“How worried, if at all, are you for your own personal health and for the health of the people you live with during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?”

Of 996 respondents, 28% stated that they were very worried about their own personal health whilst working through the pandemic. 37% of healthcare workers also stated that they were very worried about the health of people they live with. The highest scoring category was ‘Somewhat worried’ which a prominent 49% of respondents voiced this about their own health accompanied by 38% of respondents voicing it about the people they live with.

Towards the end of the spectrum just under 20% of respondents inferred they were ‘not very worried’ about their personal health and 9% furthering the same for the people they live with. The lowest figures were 4% of healthcare workers informing that they were ‘not worried at all’ about their own health and only 3% stating the same for the people they live with. 

Therefore, we conclude that the majority of healthcare workers do have personal worries about the job they’re doing on a daily basis and the potential risks they are bringing into their homes. Yet, despite all of this, they still show up every day, put their fears aside and continue to literally save the world. So from the bottom of our hearts, a very big thank you. If you know someone putting themselves out there to help others during this pandemic be sure to show them some appreciation.

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal” – Steve Maraboli