Believe it or not sometimes passion births a world-changing vision, Stafford has always been passionate about helping people and improving their quality of life which led to the creation of Humanitas, a company that is set to change the medical supplies industry for the better.

From as young as 25 years old he won Entrepreneur of the Year award and dedicated his time to working with young people and encouraging them that there’s no goal which is too hard to achieve. During his twenties, he mentored eight young people, taught them the fundamental principles in business and gave them the tools they needed to run successful ventures.

Stafford acknowledges that giving back to the community is crucial as we all deserve the same chances in life.

I saw a need in Jamaica for more schools, so I built a school that would give children a free, quality education. I noticed the extreme homelessness in Uganda and many children didn’t have a place they called home, so I worked with ‘Stand in the G.A.P’ orphanage to help give these children quality living essentials, hope and a future. I started 3Developers to provide people with affordable better-quality homes, when I see a problem, I always think of ways I can help and provide a solution.”

The reality is we all have a part to play to help create positive change, put a smile on someone’s face and help shape a better world for future generations. At the beginning of this year, we were all struck with the greatest health crisis of our lifetimes. The governments around the globe pleaded for a national effort to help combat the Covid-19 global pandemic. Some of us must have thought, what can I do? I don’t have the resources, skills or knowledge to help, so I will sit this one out. However, Stafford couldn’t just sit back and watch a national outcry; he decided to do something to help protect frontline workers and help save lives. With his wealth of knowledge in business and contacts in the industry, he decided to start Humanitas with one goal in mind, to provide quality and innovative real-time pandemic resources to those that needed it most.

Stafford worked tirelessly to source quality products from reputable suppliers and established reliable distribution channels to ensure clients received supplies quickly and efficiently.

I noticed that the lack of PPE was one of the reasons the death rates were climbing daily, especially in developing countries. The first thing I did was to source and donate product to healthcare workers in Africa. The demand for medical supplies didn’t stop, and I realised that the world has changed and our healthcare services and businesses would need the constant flow of quality medical supplies during Covid-19 and beyond. I focused on building alliances with great suppliers to distribute high standard products and equipment at a fair price.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, it’s evident that not everyone in the industry are conducting the right quality checks, following the correct procedures and generally doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. The market is certainly overcrowded with companies who are just trying to capitalise off the back of the pandemic.

There are so many people in the industry who have started medical supplies companies purely for financial gain and have left their clients and suppliers disappointed. I started this business because I wanted to help make a difference and save lives, we don’t take any short cuts in anything we do, and I strive to continue to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and build long-term partnerships. Every business owner wants a business that can be successful and profitable, but that shouldn’t be the focus. We want to continue to help businesses protect themselves, and their teams as the government focus on rebuilding our economy. He says.

I think it’s safe to say when anyone decides to start a business there’s always an element of risk and there’s sometimes hurdles you have to jump over; Stafford has built several successful businesses from scratch and he knew starting Humanitas would not be an easy ride. “There are not many established companies in the medical supplies industry, and keeping up with speed the market is growing at can be challenging.”

Stafford and Company Director, Rob Dhillion knew they needed a strong and dedicated workforce to achieve all their goals and become the number one distributor of quality medical supplies in the world.

Since the business started in May 2020, the team has grown from two members to 42 members of staff.

I knew this was a business I wanted to be around, not just for the current climate but for years to come. We knew we couldn’t do it on our own and needed a strong team to help us grow the business. We have established some great contacts and secured multi-million-pound deals, but this is only the beginning; there’s so much more to come. I plan to always reward my employees for their hard work and commitment; we offer a very generous commission and bonus structure. It’s important in leadership to treat people, how you expect to be treated, and I aim always to reward my staff.

It takes a collective effort to make a positive impact, and Stafford prides himself on building long-term relationships with suppliers and potential clients.

I spend a lot of my day supporting our sales ambassadors and procurement team with closing deals. I think it’s so important to be transparent and honest with the potential client or supplier to ensure we establish long-term partnerships. Building strong relationships takes time, care and trust; I constantly reassure our clients that we honour our obligations. We don’t aim to secure the one deal; we strive to establish strong relationships that will help build a better world for humanity.

Knowledge is power, and to become the best doesn’t usually happen overnight but Stafford has a strong vision for the future of Humanitas, and there’s so much more to come. You can be rest assured, Humanitas is here to stay.

I constantly think how do I make sure Humanitas is not just here for the pandemic? As it stands, we offer 360 degrees pandemic solutions including, consultancy and testing kits. However, I understand we need to constantly stay ahead of the market trends to meet our client’s demands. We are planning to build production factories and tracking watches which identify individuals with coronavirus in the future.