Certified and quality controlled COVID-19 testing kits

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Quality and accuracy are key at Humanitas Global Logistics. Our in-house team works hard to maintain high standards of excellence for every client

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Humanitas Global Logistics seeks to move beyond traditional models of medical distribution, fulfilment, verification, quality control, logistics, merchandising and marketing. We believe that an end-to-end solution can be delivered with flexibility and energy. This is what defines our character at Humanitas Global Logistics; it is at the core of our reputation.

We distribute the best-known global brands to governments, NGOs, hospitals, trusts, companies, and other related organisations around the world. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence when sourcing products and serving our customers. We are well respected. We are trusted

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Why Humanitas?

We are a global company. Our customers have come to expect excellence, and, in turn, we will only work with the world’s leading logistics partners. We have a strong network of connections in Asia, as well as sourcing our on-demand products from worldwide markets. Humanitas Global Logistics can expedite your delivery when you need it, where you need it, using our extensive networks and distribution channels.

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PPE Fast Turnaround

We can supply the product that you need fast, with the promise you will not be outbid or pushed aside because we have a better deal.

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Millions of test kits available now

Through our distribution channels, we have access to certified and quality controlled COVID-19 tests

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Guaranteed Delivery

Our logistics expertise and hybrid delivery strategy mean we are always able to deliver our products to a budget and timescale to suit your requirements – when you purchase through Humanitas you know that your products will be there when you need them.

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Real-Time Stock Level

Our database is updated in real-time, meaning you will never be duped in buying something that isn’t there, we offer a secure service you can trust.

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Meet Stafford Carrington: the mastermind behind Humanitas

Believe it or not sometimes passion births a world-changing vision, Stafford has always been passionate about helping people and improving their quality of life which led to the creation of Humanitas, a company that is set to change the medical supplies industry for the better.

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To keep our employees safe, Humanitas Global Logistics operates a fully-remote workforce. If you are ready for a new challenge and would like to be part of our outstanding team that keeps shaping the future of our company and the services we offer, we would love to hear from you.


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